About Her Salisbury Story

About Her Salisbury Story

Her Salisbury Story (HSS) aims to bring Salisbury’s heritage alive through the exploration of previously hidden women’s narratives, celebrating the lives of Salisbury’s women past and present.
2020 marks the 800th anniversary of Salisbury’s foundation. Our aim is to ‘write in’ women’s experiences of Salisbury ensuring women’s contributions are seen and valued as intrinsic to the city and its development

Aims: To celebrate the work and lives of women of Salisbury past and present

  • To provide a resource of women’s stories connected to Salisbury for reference by SI, schools and educational institutions, community groups and the general public
  • To involve a diverse range of women and communities in this research and presentation project
  • To bring Salisbury’s history alive through the exploration of previously hidden narratives
  • To present the findings of our research through a wide range of activities including arts, performance, digital outputs (website /blog /trail)

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Criteria for inclusion

Women who have been born or lived in Salisbury and its environs and/or have made a significant contribution to Salisbury or the wider community. This contribution  could be social, political, cultural, economic or in other ways. You can nominate a woman by using the button below.


The main output of the project will be the  creation of a website that celebrates the women of Salisbury. We will tell the stories of  Historic and Contemporary Women from diverse communities in Salisbury with the aim of inspiring current women and girls to achieve their potential, realise their aspirations and have an equal voice.

Additionally we will be developing workshops for schools, self-guided walking tours and there will be a celebratory event in autumn 2021.


We have been  fortunate to secure grant funding for the project from the Heritage Fund and will need to ensure that we meet the agreed criteria for the project.

Who are we?

We are Soroptimist International of Salisbury a local club which is part of an international organisation with the following mission:

‘Soroptimists transform the lives and status of women and girls  through education, empowerment and enabling opportunities’ 



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