Tracy Daszkiewicz

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Many people in Salisbury will have heard of Tracy, who was Director of Public Health for Wiltshire at the time of the Novichok poisoning incident 0n 4th March 2018, but do they know the inspirational story of Tracy’s career journey?

Hear Tracy’s reflections on the terrible events in Salisbury that resulted in the death of 1 person, a number of others being seriously and significantly impacted and a city still recovering from the shock and trauma. Listen to how she was inspired by ordinary people’s acts of kindness, particularly those impacted by the upheaval to their daily lives. How many people can say they have become a key character in the television documentation of a real life event?  

Tracy’s life story to date is equally inspirational. As a 15-year-old pregnant schoolgirl with no real career aspirations or expectations her determination, humanity and humility have provided the foundation for a career focused on inclusion and tackling inequality. She is currently the Deputy Director of Population Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England and a visiting Professor, Health and Applied Sciences at the University of West of England, Bristol.

Listen to her account of her career to date including working with people living with or affected by HIV in the 1990’s, children from disadvantaged backgrounds, early pregnancy and other sexual health services to more strategic, system-wide leadership. Hear how a chance conversation with a friend of her parents introduced her to the Open University and a 6-year part time degree course that helped her start her career and change her life journey.

Most impressively hear just how humble and kind Tracy still is, keen to maintain the values of team work, partnership working and being true to yourself that have seen her through her career journey so far  – A leader to emulate. 

Interview and article by Jenny Hair
Tracy Daszkiewicz

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