Covid Update

Covid update

Following our successful launch on International Women’s Day on 8th March we were all set to steam ahead with the next phase of Her Salisbury Story. However like thousands of others we found we had to put our plans on hold while we worked out how best to carry on under the changed circumstances.

Obviously there were certain aspects of the project that we were unable to progress straight away such as face to face interviews and event planning. However the project team has continued to meet via Zoom and we are currently looking at different and innovative ways to progress the project during lockdown. 

A major breakthrough is that the archive where we will be depositing our recordings have now said they will be prepared to take MP3 recordings which means that some interviews can take place online. It is also now possible to visit libraries.

The formal training in research and interviewing skills is currently being commissioned and will probably be delivered via Zoom during the autumn.

We are very aware that it is important that everyone involved in the project feels safe and comfortable with the type of contact they have with others. In addition, of course, we must all follow current government guidelines. 

Both the historic and contemporary women streams of the project are looking to recruit people to get involved – there is plenty for everyone to do.

Covid Update

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