Amanda Newbery

Amanda in the Chapel during refurbishment

How do you grow up to be a nightclub owner? Amanda Newbery certainly wouldn’t have told you this was her burning ambition and the age of 5 or even at the age 15. It was, you might say, the serendipitous result of offering to support a family member.

In this podcast Amanda describes how she got involved in the business, in particular the pleasure of having the opportunity to connect with so many young people.

Born and brought up in Salisbury, Amanda’s first career was in property. This was followed by a second career in manufacturing until finally she embraced her current career co-owning and running the Chapel Nightclub

She talks about her commitment to providing a safe night-time economy for the people of Salisbury, and how she works in partnership with other agencies and businesses to ensure this. Staff training and morale are also a priority and have ensured high rates of staff retention.

Finally she outlines the significant challenges of running a venue in the wake of the Novichok attack, when footfall fell by 44% in Salisbury and the knock-on effect this had on her business.

Amanda’s most recent and on-going challenge is, of course, Covid-19. She talks about the impact on her both personally and professionally as well as her plans for renovating the space and using it in different ways when it’s not open as a nightclub.



Amanda outside the Chapel Nightclub during the Covid closure
Amanda outside the Chapel Nightclub


With a mantra inherited from her father that ‘everything’s possible’ she is looking forward to the reopening of the Chapel whenever that becomes possible and to the next chapter of her life.

Interview, article & photo credits Barbara Evans

Amanda Newbery

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