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Caroline Corbin

A local girl Caroline tells us how it felt to be a child at school with a disability. She has Cerebal Palsy but this has in no way hindered her achieving her goals, even though people along the way have tried to highlight what she cannot do, rather than what she can!  She talks of the use of the word ‘spastic’ and how hard that was in the early days to overcome this negative label. She remembers a careers teacher who told her she couldn’t be a hairdresser or a typist because she needed two good hands to undertake these tasks.  Being the person that she is Caroline has achieved them both, and   ‘can’t do’ is no longer part of  her vocabulary. She talks about how hard it was to get her first job after writing 35 letters to various companies, but she was successful in the end.  She tells a funny story about a bomb scare in her office and the others forgetting to tell she and her collegue at top of the building, to evacuate!   Luckily it was a hoax


A mother of 3, Caroline is married to Tom Corbin currently the deputy mayor and like her, is passionate about the city, its strengths and its issues. When Caroline stands down he will take on the mantle , or should we say chain!  Laughingly Caroline tells us of the perils of wearing this very heavy ‘necklace’ which can unbalance the wearer if they lean forward. Caroline has a great sense of humour and this is clear in her interview. She has a bubbly personality and still works for the NHS whilst combining it with her role as mayor for this current year.


Raising a glass with husband Tom at a mayoral reception
Caroline and her husband Tom
Caroline in her Mayoral Robes
Caroline in her Mayoral Robes

Caroline has been a councillor for 9 years and  represents the Bemerton Heath ward.  She is pleased that her aim to be accessible is working, as people stop her on the estate and ask for advice on any matter from housing to flytipping. She is a very approachable person.

Caroline is also the Chair of ‘Pride’ for the Salisbury area. This  is an organisation that raises the profile of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. She was very excited when interviewed for Her Salisbury Story just after the 2021 event…… how incredibly successful the ‘party in the Park’ had been in September.  100’s of single people, families and friends wearing rainbow colours, enjoyed games, live music, and fun filled activities. Elizabeth Gardens was full of happy people on a lovely sunny day.

Article & Interview Penny Joyce

Photo credit: Anthony von Roretz Trinity Photography by kind permission of Salisbury City Council



Caroline Corbin
Caroline Corbin

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