Historic Women

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Find out about the historic women of Salisbury, who have made significant contributions to our community and history.

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Olive Pye-Smith photograph courtesy of the Jamieson family

Olive Pye-Smith

Olive was a talented and prolific local artist who gained a considerable reputation for her paintings of Salisbury and the surrounding areas, as well as being involved in improving the lives of local people.

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Margery Sharp

Margery Sharp

Margery Sharp was the best-selling writer, playwright and screenwriter of adult and children’s whimsical fiction who inspired the box office busting Disney film ‘The Rescuers’.

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Probably Jane Collier

Jane Collier

Jane Collier was one of the first women satirists in England. She was born in Steeple Langford near Salisbury in 1715.

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Elizabeth Harris

Much has been written about Elizabeth Harris but no account of women who played a key role in the history of Salisbury would be complete without her.

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